First Impressions – Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD

Tony Hawks Pro Skater HDI don’t normally go in for such a title on the basis that you need to be a caffeinated teen with twitchy fingers to be even remotely good. That isn’t necessarily the case with this latest outing from the Tony Hawks series as the controls are relatively easily to cobble together to perform basic tricks. Unfortunately the controls feel old, which I suppose is fitting seeing as this is a remake containing levels from previous versions but that isn’t the only thing that let’s this game down.

The problem with this game is that it’s crap.

That’s actually being quite constructive and probably more than is necessary for summing this game up.

Tony Hawks gets moodyI feel like I’ve been duped of 1200 Microsoft points for a seriously lack lustre title that doesn’t really deliver on any aspect for me. The menus are half-heartedly slapped together and feel like they’ve been ripped from an old title (probably because they have).
Sure, there’s some bloom effects and the textures have been brought up-to-date in-game, but it still just looks really basic in my opinion and adding ‘HD’ is probably worthy of telling the authorities of an infringement of the Trade Descriptions Act.
The actual character details aren’t anything amazing, the rag doll physics is dated and occasionally behaves very oddly with the scenery, which only adds to the bad taste.

Please break, please break!It is not particularly pretty when compared to any another title released today and doesn’t do anything groundbreaking that would warrant its current price tag. I sadly thought, that having tried the demo, the full version would offer more freedom to roam about a sprawling metropolis with visually stunning scenery that I would catch glimpses of as I performed nose grabs off the top of high rises. Something along the lines of Mirrors Edge.
I was so wrong.

I sincerely hope I’ve missed something crucial as I simply don’t know what has been updated that merits charging me anything to play this. Graphical changes aren’t enough in this instance and if that is what they were counting on then it could have been done better.
There is serious doubt over me recommending this even if Activision were to pay you to do so. What were they thinking when they published this pathetic rehashing. Should have left this relic in the past along with The Phantom Menace and the Y2K bug.

After two hours of play time I have removed this detritus from my hard disk hoping to never again skate around in such mediocrity.

This possibly goes down as one of my worst purchases to date. Ever.
Don’t even both with the demo.
It may have wasted my money but don’t let it waste your time.

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