News Items Discussed In Episode 003


As promised here are the links to the news item we discuss in Episode 003 of A Matter Of Life And Gaming.

Portal 2 outperforms console versions –
Avengers Game Scrapped –
Team Bondi go into Administration
HMV Suffers –
Digital Tranistion is Underway –
Jurassic Park Trailer –
Forza 4 Warthog –
Halo 4 Creative Director Leaves –
RPO Plays Video Game Concert –
Atari Flashback 3 –
Rage Specs for PC –
White PS3 Unveiled –
Team Meat won’t work with Xbox
Deus Ex Ships 2million copies
Original Crysis coming to Consoles –
Max Payne HD announced –
Robin Arkham City DLC –
Gotham City Imposters Priced –
Final Red Dead DLC –
Burnout Crash Release Date Announced –
SW:TOR Release Date tied to Beta –
Deus Ex DLC announced –


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