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So what do I love about Trials Evolution?  Probably best to start at the beginning.  After being introduced to Trials Hd many years ago round Ben’s one evening, I found myself unable to pass the controller back, even when he was asking over and over again,  those famous 4 words that we all know too well came out of my mouth, “Just one more go”.  Hd grabbed, and pulled me in to it’s warehouse world, and destroyed my relationship I had with ……………. my bed!! Many hours, days, weeks, months and now even years have passed and I still can pick up this truly amazing, twitchy, side scrolling, kickstart style (for those that can remember the tv programme in the 80’s), motorbike obstacle course game, RedLynx call Trials Hd.

However this blog is supposed to be about Trials Evolution, so when SlimpyAl (It was a slip of the tongue! – Al) (That’s what she said whoo!! – Ben) asked me to do this blog, I said I wasn’t too sure how too! He said “Can you write?” I said yes! in a confused manner, “Do you speak English?” I said yes! some may argue that fact, “Well then, what are you waiting for, write a blog about what you think of this game”.  Ok I said.  So I did.

Firstly the main difference between Hd and Evolution is the open world effect, one minute you could be racing through a bomb site in World War I or II to peacefully riding the Gigatrack for what seems like an eternity up and down huge mountains over ravines and crossing streams, not just inside a huge warehouse like in Hd, also the new way the motorbike and scenery moves around the screen, and change in direction is a beautiful little addition to the series.  The mechanics are phenomenal.

I also love the way you have complete and full control of the motorbike, and the strange rag doll man that appears to be able to take pain to a whole new level, ie break every bone in his body and then gyrate and moan on the floor for as long as you want him too!

In Evolution there are so many weird and wonderful things to jump over, from streams to lava ravines and small hills to giant, almost vertical mountains, not forgetting the favourite lorry tyres and busted up cars to bunny hop over.

The other fantastic feature is the Multiplayer Supercross, where up to 4 riders can be on the same screen at the same time, racing against each other, either over the net or in the same room on one tv, great fun hey!! We’ve had a few nights where some of the AMOLAG posse are playing over the net in a 4 race Supercross event, fantastic fun, all chatting away on our turtle heads, sorry turtle beach headphones :-).

The best thing I think is the fact that I have 8 friends that all play it and post times,  and it challenges me to beat all the times however long it takes to do it, now lets get one thing straight, I can’t beat all of the times that the guys set, but god damn it,  I’ll give it a good go, and I think I do rather well :-P.(Yeah you do, bastard! 😉 – Al)

There is also something called Achievements available to those that really care about games, the AMOLAG guys tell me that I should try and get all of them for every game , but I’m not a believer in Achievements!!  Yeah right!!!  Xbox have their hooks well and truly into my sides, I love Achievements especially if I really enjoy the game. Now with Evolution some of these Achievements were a little tricky, hey Al? (Don’t remind me! – Al) But I’d like to point out I was FIRST out of the AMOLAG crew to get ALL 400 points, tehe!  However there is now a further 100 in the DLC Island of Paine, I wonder who will be first this time, Ben?  Ginger Chris?  Or myself, we’ll see.

I believe there is many reasons why I have a love affair with this game, but here is a summary of a few of my Fav bits:

Beautiful Graphics Competing against mates times and faults Riding outside Challenging Achievements Supercross Multiplayer

So if you don’t already own Trials and if the only reason why you haven’t already bought it is because you don’t own a Xbox, then I suggest you go out right now and purchase one!  You will not be disappointed.


Kev Dazzle

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