Square Enix – Real world engine, finally???

One of the things we’re all keen to see is the advancement of realism in gaming.

Certain gaming engines run spectacularly well/smooth but aren’t all that good in the visuals, and others (like the CryEngine/Crysis) require the processing power of CERN to pump out the quality.

Recently, Square Enix has upped the ante with the Luminous Engine which looks nothing less than ‘real’. My only problem is with the video they’ve used to showcase it so far.
As the comments show on Digital Trends it’s not exactly inspiring, but it certainly is a start. If I hadn’t known I would have said someone accidentally left the camcorder on.

Go have a look and let us know what you think.
“More real than real.”

Link: Digital Trends – Square Enix’s new gaming engine offers photo-realism

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