A Matter Of Being Spoilt For Choice

I used to be the kind of gamer that would buy/get given a game, and then would proceed to play that game to its full completion. However as a teenager I had no other concerns apart from where my next shag was coming from. Needless to say, I completed a LOT of games!

Since growing up (well in body at least) many things have come along to distract me from my gaming addiction. Getting a job and keeping it, making new friends and keeping them and last but not least finally getting a girlfriend and so on. Through all of that, whatever has happened, there has always been that constant in my life.


Take for instance the MMORPG by Funcom called Anarchy Online. A space based RPG.  A good friend of mine called Nigel, introduced me to this new concept of playing a game whilst socializing with people from all over the world. At first I wasn’t so sure, I mean you had to pay a monthly subscription for it and getting money out of me back
then was harder than finding water on the sun. I did however eventually join and it wasn’t long till I was fully addicted. I’m talking as soon as I was home from work the PC would go on, I would only answer to questions with grunts, I would only eat when I got hunger cramps and everything else around me just didn’t exist. Seriously, it was bad.

I eventually came out of it but that was only after losing a girlfriend (she just didn’t understand that I just had to get the next best weapon/armour), almost losing my real life friends and the cramps were rather irritating.

Ever since that episode in my life I have tried not to get that involved in a game again which luckily for me is almost too easy! There are simply too many games out there that need/must/simply HAVE to be played. It is for that reason that another issue has arisen, I now have a large percentage of unfinished games in my collection. Throw achievements into the mix and it’s even worse.

So whenever you hear us talking about games played on the podcast you’ll probably hear me say the same titles again and again.

I must go, I can hear Assassins Creed: Brotherhood crying
out to be completed…………

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