A Matter Of Putting The Sex In SeXbox

It’s funny how we stereotype people in this day and age. With every stereotyping there is a good and bad connotation. Blokes may see a fit girl wearing a tiny skirt and think “Oh yeah, she blatantly takes it in every hole” however girls may see the same girl and think “I can LITERALLY see the STI’s crawling on her skin….whore” You yourself can have a good and bad connotation on someone. Take gamers, for example. The general stereotyping of gamers is geeks. Let’s not beat around the bush here, let’s call a spade a spade (or a geek a geek, as gaming would have it). You see/hear gamers….you see/hear geek! Generally a common perception of a geek may be a gawky young teenage boy locked away in his room, on a bed you can see the cum stains on without the harsh clarity from the UV machine. He would have unwashed, lank hair, probably be ponging the place out and have really bad skin. Fair to say? I think so! Obviously, being a gamer, and knowing a lot of gamers I know that this is………..true. Haha only joking. Granted, that probably is an accurate depiction of a teenage boy gamer – but I think it’s fair to say that 90% of teenage boys are like that – gamer or not! I’d like to say they grow out of it, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case, having repeatedly come home from night shifts to find Al either fast asleep fully clothed on our sofa with the Xbox controller STILL IN HIS HAND, or blinking blearily at the computer screen, having himself stayed awake all night also. I guess I can just be grateful that his personal hygiene is not that of a teenage boy!

So, girl gamers. Is the perception the same? When people hear girl gamers, do they conjure up an image of an Ugly Betty lookalike fixated on an Xbox screen? I think it’s fair to say that sometimes, girl gamers are looked upon to be even more geeks than boys because it’s not ‘expected’ of girls. Girls should have fantastic hair, be pretty, love putting puppies into purses, scream at everything pink etc etc (you get the picture) These girls should evolve into women and be a domestic goddess, mixing up wonderful meals, and realise the small print to being in a heterosexual relationship means you should ALWAYS remember that the Xbox comes before you. Right? ……………….. Wrong.

There are a minority of females who may pretend to enjoy gaming. They may bluff, to get the guy they want. Do not be fooled – females have a good memory, anyone can memorise the Star Wars plots in order to sleep with the guy that they like (sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but they are out there!) One way to break through and see if this girl is a phoney – show her a picture of a kitten. Works. Every. Time. A phoney won’t help but gush over it. A true gamer/geek fan would wonder why the hell a guy was showing them a picture of a kitten and probably get out the guys bed ASAP – clothes not necessarily needed. Be careful this technique can backfire, if she is truly a gamer you have a tricky situation on your hands – a girl running away naked, that actually you may have wanted to see again. Here’s the solution – just stay put for a little while and watch her run away naked 😉 and then RUN! Run after her!

There is a breed. A fine, fine breed of females who DO like gaming, who DO like all things geeky, who DO own an Xbox and don’t have to look like Ugly Betty’s twin sister! I would like to think I am one of many out of these females. I have never typically been a girly girl. I think it’s fair to say I am a ‘Daddies Girl’ and growing up I ALWAYS wanted to be a part of what my Dad and Brother were doing! So I grew up gaming! I was getting scared shitless by….I mean PLAYING Doom by the time I was 8 years old – suck it. I have always adored gaming. My ideal evening in is more like Xbox, Takeaway and Beer as opposed to Clubbing, Salads and Cocktails……..I honestly get a warm feeling come over me when I hear my Xbox turn on, I can’t resist shouting out “BOOM!” when I get a great kill on COD, I throw abuse at my competitors and think my mouth is dirtier than a food poisoning victim’s toilet. I would take a geek film over a chick flick every time – guaranteed. I am addicted to all things comics – reading them obviously but also grabbing anything I can – prints, t-shirts, bags, desktop wallpapers; the list is endless. I’ll just say it – I am a geek! But here’s the catch – I don’t look like any relation to Ugly Betty. There are some aspects of my appearance that I do consider rather girly but it doesn’t detract from the fact that I love gaming. Yes, I have my nails kept long and painted, yes I get my hair done every 6-8 weeks, and yes, I do have eyelash extensions (to be honest this is out of laziness so I never have to put make up on rather than a question of vanity) which is why people often do a double take when I start to drool a little at the mention of an Xbox (and not just because I’m drooling on myself)

Let me paint you a mental picture here. I have good hair, I have little but some make up on my face, I occasionally go clubbing and wear the obligatory slutty low cut tops – mainly because I think it’s fair to say I have been blessed with lets say very generously sized mammaries – and I have long, painted nails. If you saw me in the street you would not automatically think “She’s a gamer” And it’s not just me either, I have quite a few very FIT friends who are just like me – unleashed geeks! And here is my closing point – stereotyping. Girl gamers – seen as geeks by many, especially other girly girls. But girl gamers can be the ultimate fantasy for a bloke – sexy and a fan of Star Wars. Bangable and is getting wet thinking about the upcoming release of Battlefield 3. Cock tease and can beat you at COD.  There we have it, don’t judge a girl by her cover – their could be a glorious geeky gamer hidden inside! – ‘Nuff said!


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