A Matter Of Where We Are Right Now

Ok, so i’ve been a member of the Twitter universe for about 4 years now and Facebook for longer than that. I think it’s a great way of keeping up-to-date with everything thats going on in the world, it’s were everyone seems to spend their time at the moment, and the latest news is broken.

In setting up AMOLAG we want to get our and your community out there. So where you can join in and get involved right now is:

Twitter feed @AMOLAGPodcast
Facebook account here.
Steam Community page up and running at this link.
You’re on our ever evolving website, which we’ll update with blogs, news and opinion from the podcast team, so keep checking back to see what’s been happening.
And of course we have our podcast available for download from our podcasts section and from iTunes.

Now that our podcast is out there and the community starting to grow and get involved (thanks for everyone who’s left a review or got in touch so far btw) we can crack on with some kick arse gaming and organising some proper gaming nights. If you’ve got any thoughts / comments / questions for the podcasts or want to arrange a gaming session then you’ve got a number of ways of getting hold of us above or you can always e-mail us on info@amolag.com
We’re also all contactable on amolag e-mails just put our name before @amolag.com so it’s either ben, al, phil, holly, chris or kev @amolag.com.

Check out our soon to be released “About” page for more info on us and our gaming ID’s .

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