A Matter Of Wife And Gaming

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably gathered by now that we’re a more mature gamer on here.

Doesn’t mean we can’t kick asses online, just means we have other priorities in our lives.

You won’t find us romping about online having just been shot by someone to then chase down our attacker and give them a load of verbal insults and death threats. We leave that to the immature teens that haven’t kissed a girl yet and are sending themselves slowly blind every night thinking Katie Price is actually good looking.

To the next little git to promise they’ll ‘cap’ me in real life I have just one thing to say, ‘Your Mum’. Now sod off!

One of the biggest problems we have is juggling our gaming and online activities with everything that is going on in the real world.

We have bills to pay, demanding jobs, families to visit, friends that want to meet for drinks, partners that want to go shopping, DIY improvements to the house, kids that want to go to Disneyland and it makes it difficult to fit anything else in let alone gaming. It’s also extra difficult when your partner doesn’t quite understand what it is you’re in to.

Justifying the expense of buying a console or shelling out a fair bit more on a decent gaming PC can be difficult. I’m not going to provide you the perfect reasoning as everyone’s scenarios will be different, but there are things you can do.

Things just need to fall in to place. When your partner is watching crap TV that’s your time to play. Encourage them to have a night out with their friends. If they complain that you’re not spending enough time with them don’t instantly snap, they might be right, just make sure you’ve not been sucked out of reality and are being unreasonable. At the same time you have to remember you’re a gamer. Your partner might like baking, cooking, watching reality TV or soaps which is fine for their needs, but you have your own to meet.

Gaming should be viewed as a hobby as you get older. It’s not life and death if you’ve got to be pulled away to watch the veg boil, change a nappy or tell your partner that dress doesn’t make their bum look big. Growing up just shifts your priorities. You no longer have to stay up until 3am just because you’ve seen the G-man for the first time, the zombie hordes can wait and Dr Robotnik can bite me.

Anyway, that said, I’m behind on my assassinations this month so I’m off. 😉

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